• WordNet 3.6
    • v reallocate allocate, distribute, or apportion anew "Congressional seats are reapportioned on the basis of census data"
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In news:

The US Army will not return to Stewart-Haas Racing next season, citing a reallocation of its marketing budget that does not include a presence in NASCAR.
Congress approves D-block reallocation with payroll tax cut extension.
Won't Reallocate Share Of Euro-Denominated International Reserves.
Romney, Obama, and 'redistribution': How much do US taxes reallocate wealth.
Romney, Obama, and 'redistribution:' How much do US taxes reallocate wealth.
Reallocation of market share remains key retail ratings driver in 2013.
Teachers contract paid for through budget cuts, reallocation of funding.
It really is just water reallocation.
The geographic reallocation of global manufacturing is shifting, but the movement is in its early stages.
The Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted Sept 22 to reallocate $25,000 in personnel funding to the county's Utility Assistance Program.
She suggested City Council reallocate $25,000 that was budgeted to build stairs behind the library.
Northern Tier Expressway will not receive $6 million, NY reallocated funds.
0HB 298 call for a reallocation of federal funding of family planning services.
Hefty funding increases of 6 to 7 per cent are in the past, as the health ministry bends the cost curve below 3 per cent, forcing the ministry to reallocate funding out of hospitals and emergency rooms into home care and long term care.
A group of students concerned about the declining budgets of charities has put forth a proposal to assist them by reallocating a significant portion of the Yale College Council budget from events to charitable donations.

In science:

This additional bandwidth can be reallocated to the same triggers by decreasing the thresholds, as in the example of the di-jet resonance dynamic prescale factors discussed in this chapter.
The CMS High Level Trigger
The one-particle scattering contributions correspond to a shift of the chemical potential of −U /2 and could be reallocated to the kinetic energy.
Real-time evolution for weak interaction quenches in quantum systems
Note that the trader is allowed to trade on an infinite time horizon because we do not restrict to bounded stopping times for the reallocation of the capital.
Simple arbitrage
These PCAs sometimes also convey a partial plan for the further presentation. Effects of this group of PCAs include: creating new attentional units, setting up partially premises and the goal of a new unit, closing the current unit, or reallocating the attention of the reader from one attentional unit to another.
Planning Argumentative Texts
As noted above, systems may attempt both extremes, either by spatial division of the resources among emphases, or by reallocation policies over time.
Cluster Computing White Paper
Each time the array is full, the size is multiplied by two and the array reallocated.
Twelve Ways to Build CMS Crossings from ROOT Files
Our ranking method reallocates among the players the total strength of the tournament, σr, with two important features: first, the proposed ranking does not depend on r and, second, the difference between the proposed ratings for any two players is also independent of r.
Ranking Participants in Tournaments by means of Rating Functions
Through time there is a reallocation of wealth toward a single strategy.
The Reality Game
As the game is played the reallocation of wealth causes the population of players to become more efficient in the sense that there are poorer profit opportunities available for optimal players.
The Reality Game
This is analogous to financial markets, where standard dogma asserts that wealth reallocation due to profitable vs. unprofitable trading will result in a market that is efficient in the sense that all excess profit-making potential has been removed.
The Reality Game
As the game continues the return to an optimal player goes down because the wealth is reallocated to players with better strategies.
The Reality Game
Public authority redistribution of income should be sufficient to achieve the desired reallocation of welfare while retaining the market discipline for efficient resource utilization..
Time and symmetry in models of economic markets
Group members were reallocated by W05, including some galaxies at large group-centric distances to study radial trends.
Statistical Tools for Classifying Galaxy Group Dynamics
Then, testing of the null hypothesis is done by a randomization procedure in which the original value of the statistic is compared with the distribution found by randomly reallocating the order of the elements in one of the matrices.
Beyond Stemming and Lemmatization: Ultra-stemming to Improve Automatic Text Summarization
For each queue that has at least one subqueue whose actual length has changed during the round, reallocate data units to equalize the actual lengths of all its subqueues.
Polynomial-time algorithms for coding across multiple unicasts

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